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DAYUM!! JINROH- Live action

JINROH a film based on the manga and anime film of the same name is a story whose story focuses on two main characters one being a sister to a child bomber who died earlier in the film the other being a soldier whose job is to stop or suppress terrorist. Throughout the film you are led to try and understand the story perspective from both leads who have troubled past. Sadly I don’t want to go too far into this film as I don’t want to ruin it for you. All I can add is that this is a decent film and well worth a watch. It’s not Rambo nor is it Commando, it simply a story about two broken individual living in a really broken environment with choices that have serious consequences.

DAYUM!! BUMBLEBEE A Transformer movie.

Well damn this film by it self felt more awesome than the last several transformer films and the main chunk of the film only focused on three of the transformers. It first started of featuring the Cybertron war, where we got introduced to Prime, Bee and a slew of other transformers whose names I forgot. It then jumped into alot of other spoiler stuff which I won’t spoil and I feel it’s best to leave that to you the audience to jump in and enjoy it. There were several parts I disliked but overall the film was entertaining and when it ramped up boy did it ramp up. The visuals were stunning and the atmosphere and scale was ever so present. I believe limiting the amount of bots helped this film as it allowed the film to narrow it’s field of view and simply try to give a little story which I really felt was more a human story than a transformers tale, the bots just happen to be in it. The first transformer live action was probably the next one I loved the rest were simply films. Either way peeps go out and enjoy it, or wait to catch it on a streaming service.

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