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This past weekend I watched a film on netflix called “Space sweepers”, my conclusion was a wow statement. Lets begin don’t go in expecting anything amazing and philosophical just shut your brain off and just let the wave hit you. It’s a beautiful joyride, probably because I adore scifi flicks and series etc but damn there are so many things in this that made no damn sense. The best way I can describe this film is to compare it to watching an 80’s space opera anime like say Robotech or Macross or even Gundam but live-action but with less sense but the same intensity.
There are points where they throw scifi space logic out the window and say shiiit we are going to wing it.. Seriously after watching a series like “The expanse” which seems to do space logic so amazingly well it’s hard to watch anything that simply disregards some physics or even gives a reason why this works in that way. There is a point in the film where their ship freefalls to earth from orbit and then immediately stops then ramps back to space…. yeah they should all be dead, sighs oh well. Give it a watch you may enjoy it, I actually watched it to the end. Still a bit on the what the heck did I just watch but if you want to simply have fun and laugh this film right here is that scifi space adventure. The crew possibly had fun making it I suppose, maybe. Check it out on netflix.

DAYUM!! JINROH- Live action

JINROH a film based on the manga and anime film of the same name is a story whose story focuses on two main characters one being a sister to a child bomber who died earlier in the film the other being a soldier whose job is to stop or suppress terrorist. Throughout the film you are led to try and understand the story perspective from both leads who have troubled past. Sadly I don’t want to go too far into this film as I don’t want to ruin it for you. All I can add is that this is a decent film and well worth a watch. It’s not Rambo nor is it Commando, it simply a story about two broken individual living in a really broken environment with choices that have serious consequences.

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