Gargoyles was one of many animated series that many who grew up in the 80s and 90s enjoyed weekly. This series had at the time some of the most amazing animation or so we all thought. Now years later as an adult looking back at the reruns on Disney Plus I am shocked at some of the animation and cheats that were used in great abundance especially in episode one which was probably the pilot. There was a segment where the vikings were escaping and I noticed this strange loop and decided to pause, rewind and watch the sequence and to my shock they looped an animation of a character running away but looped it 8 times making it seem as though several individuals were running. As a child anyone will certainly miss that section but as an adult who practiced animation this was not missed. Unfortunately that and several other things were now being noticed and it changed my viewing of the series as great as the series was it had many flaws but was still watchable. As an animator I judge and critique my work much harder than others and after seeing this I am finally have a sense of reprieve because here is a large production done by a team of animators with great flaws which was able to get past animation checks and edits and was pushed to production possibly due to deadlines and many other factors. Either way Gargoyles is a great story and great series with great characters and even more amazing voice actors so even with it’s faults it stands the test of time. Check it out on Disney Plus.

I guess the big take away from this is don’t sweat the small stuff.