The foundation, a series that can be found on APPLETV+, is not your typical sci-fi space-opera.This series can be compared to the Dune series due to the similar artistic aesthetics, atmosphere and mood. Another point of comparison would be the heavy political overtones. Strangely enough the series is not entirely action heavy nor does it feature any space battles, the series mostly takes place on the ground environments.

Humans have long since left earth and our solar system and are truly now children of the stars not in the veins of starwars but as I mentioned closer to a similar series called Dune. If you have not seen Dune this comparison may seem mute. The highlight of this series is the set and wardrobes. The set design ranges from futuristic to quite barren. I do recommend watching this series on a rather large screen or projector just to take in scope of the sets.

The foundation, was a book series written by American author Isaac Asimov. Having not read the books I would love to know what were things taken from the book and what simply benched to make the tv depiction more appealing. The tv series as mentioned is a future viewpoint of politics and bureaucratic symbolism. There is one ruling government simply called EMPIRE which is controlled by the 3 Clones of a long dead ruler. These rulers go by the moniker Brother Dawn, Brother Day and Brother Dusk. The three clones are from three different life point of Cleon the first.

The series first setting environment is that of a water planet where we meet one of the protagonist. She is invited to the Empire home world to solve a mathematical equation. The series of events that transpire begin to roll into a political dilemma of astronomical proportions. From there the series drags you through a series of backstabbing and sabotage. Which leads to further galaxy spanning events.

That is as much detail I would like to state to not ruin your entrance into the series. You may check it out on Appletv+. Here is a trailer preview.

DAYUM PRIMAL animated series by Genndy Tartakovsky.

Primal the animated series which was created by Genndy Tartakovsky from the director of so many classics such as Samurai Jack, Dexter’s Laboratory, Star Wars: Clone Wars,Sym-Bionic Titan and yes Hotel Transylvania. Yes he is back with another classic. I was told about this series when it first released but due to other obligations simply never had the time until recently and I happened to binge the series. All I have to say is this is an amazing series and deserves all the praise and awards it received. It has been a while since I seen an American animation captivate and keep my interest. For many years it has been animation from Japan or Korea. One in particular of recent years was Attack on Titans.

Primal simply has the energy of a thousand suns, the stories are seen as simplistic but are actually complex. From the start of the series you are thrust into the primal world of the series, where unlike the 3d animated film and series the Croods death is at every door step and vicious and visceral. This series does not hold your hand and baby you, it’s the cruel reality of living in a primal world where your survival instinct may be your only saving grace.

Spear and Fang are brought together thru their mutual loss which I will not get into as that is something you the audience must experience for yourself. Since I have seen season one and part of two I will say that season one gets a 10/10 for simply bringing the A game of 2d animation back to the forefront.

Primal was animated by Studio La Cachette which is based in France. Boy did they kick this animation out the park. Funny enough they have worked on several things I am familiar with but never realised they were involved. One short was Kairos. The other was Mune according to their website it was the 2d animated sequence. Le college noir and MUyi. Check out their work and back story on their website.

For you viewing pleasure here is a behind the scenes of Primal. Once you are done go watch this amazing series. I cannot wait to snag the art of Primal when it is finally released one day.

Primal can be found on cartoonnetwork adult swim block it can also be found on HBOMAX streaming service.

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