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DAYUM!!! Did anyone watch the Gatchaman live action back in 2013?


I can’t believe I missed Gatchaman live action back in 2013 and still have not watched it yet which will all change by the end of this week. Regardless the trailer looked awesome as always. Thank the film makers it was not done by none other than the originators of this series. Sorry hollywood but you butchered Dragonball Z and many other said series from the eastern front. The only idea from the east which seems to have boded well was Pacific Rim and that was based on the idea of Kaijus(Monster) Films, anime and stories. Going from what I recall from the anime the story follow a team of enhanced humans. Much in the vain of power rangers and the kamen series that power rangers is based on they fight a hord of space invaders hell bent on annihilating all humans. So I am assuming the story of the live action will follow a similar story path. Here is hoping it bodes well, considering it will be more directed to teen to mid 20s early 30s focal it will have that cheese drama but the action will be intense. Enough of my snub talk check out the trailer and come to your own conclusion and decide to check out the flick.


DAYUM!!–TMNT Style: Ninja Turtles Homage – Totally Epic Rival


Things like this makes me wish I studied martial arts as child. Oh well maybe in another life I will get to do that. This is one of those teams that I seem to love when they place videos of their joyous collaborations. When I state to people go out and do what you love this is an example of that. To us this looks fun but this is their job, these individuals have to train, practice and keep honing their skills to be able to perform these stunts as any mistake in part can be fatal, not saying they are using real weapons but the mere fact that a misstep can either get yourself or another individual hurt. It much like any Career/job etc a person operating a crane, has to be an expert, even a truck driver who is able to make sharp turns, the skill required to do these feats are beyond average and require practice and honing, so go out there hone your skill do what you feel is your best qualified task and make it your best. Wait a sec what was I ranting about.. just smile and watch the video.


A fun, stylistic (… and human) take on what a sparring session could look like between the four green ninjas that started it all.

Brendon Huor – Leo
Xin Sarith Wuku – Raph
Jimmy Chhiu – Donny
Micah Karns – Mikey

Shot, Edited, Directed and Action Written by Christopher C. Cowan

Choreography by Brendon Huor

Haile Lee
Wes “Wuz Good” Armstrong
Vincent Dang
Mickey Facchinello

Special Thanks:
Aaron Toney
Master Ken Carr (provided custom made weapons)
Master Simon Rhee (as the role of Master Splinter)

they even have a facebook page WHAAATTT!!

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