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DAYUM!!!- The Boy Who Learned to Fly | Usain Bolt


This was an amazing short The Boy who learned to fly, lighting Bolt. If you have not seen this you may want to check it out. It was a delightful short with vibrant colors and a story telling method which was loosely based on Bolt life experience as per the creators. being a fellow Jamaican I can say they captured the feel so some degree, the music is a bit lacking but I shall give that a pass. As usual I am not normally one to talk much so here check it out for yourself.

If you want to go directly to the creators of this awesome short go HERE!!!


DAYUM!!–Colour Code – by Kevin Jackson-Enhanced Realizm Studios


Without spoiling the details of this short. We have two unknown individuals interacting with each other, as to what they are doing I cannot say, as to what transpires between the two that too I cannot say. Of what little detail I can provide I feel it would suit you to simply watch the short. Much like the short film/segments worked on by Kevin and his colleagues from Enhanced Realizm Studios the delivery is always on point. Enough talk watch the short.


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