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DAYUM!!! IT has been a minute Patrolling Part III


It has been quite a while since I was able to put some needed work in to this series, unfortunately the series hung on the balance of the other creative head of this space adventure. Alas we were finally able to come to some conclusion as to how it will play out and I was able to animate this episode. Here is hoping there will be more episodes for this series in the mean time other series are in the work from Oneblaze studios and as time permits they will be released to the public. Thank you and have a wonderful 2017.

DAYUM!!–Flight 195 No Contest


This is yet again another join venture between Oneblaze Studios and NivekProAnimation. The Voice actors on this are truly the ones that carry this short. On one side we have Jermain Fraser for the first Pilot and on the second leg we have our regular voice talent Kevin Jackson. You may consider these two the regular talent as Kevin anchors the “It Speaks” series which he wrote and boarded and also works on his own short animation. For more on Kevin’s work you may find them here at Jermain is helms the Patrolling series which is currently being written. You may find more on his vocal prowess here at his Reverb-page or his Oneblaze home where he has all sort of antics Always love Collaborating with these fellows the production always comes together splendidly. Hopefully you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed working on it. Until we gear up for another boombastic short check this out.

You may also see it on newgrounds.


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