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DAYUM!!–Flight 195 No Contest


This is yet again another join venture between Oneblaze Studios and NivekProAnimation. The Voice actors on this are truly the ones that carry this short. On one side we have Jermain Fraser for the first Pilot and on the second leg we have our regular voice talent Kevin Jackson. You may consider these two the regular talent as Kevin anchors the “It Speaks” series which he wrote and boarded and also works on his own short animation. For more on Kevin’s work you may find them here at Jermain is helms the Patrolling series which is currently being written. You may find more on his vocal prowess here at his Reverb-page or his Oneblaze home where he has all sort of antics Always love Collaborating with these fellows the production always comes together splendidly. Hopefully you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed working on it. Until we gear up for another boombastic short check this out.

You may also see it on newgrounds.


ThrowBack!!-Wednesday “ARBEZ” or in other words Project Zebra.


Project Arbez or simply Arbez for short was an animation I created several moons ago. When I state several Moons, Arbez was completed in 2002 and was briefly revisited in 2007 where I Attempted a major over all but figured it was not worth the time and devoted my time to the Born Fighters Game project. Arbez was a love hate relationship that came with many experiments ,trials and failure, it was the love of understanding animation that forced that animation and also why it was never completed as I was never satisfied. It was an experiment that half worked and half failed. In short I learnt alot from that and mind you I did that back in 2002, that was 12 years ago DAMN I am old. That was when I was super creative, now not so much. If I showed you the work load you would think what the hell. Actually I will do a video now that you asked on that very animation. Titled “Why Arbez was doomed to be a successful Failure”.

When it came to flash it was a science to me. I was always the VFX person, I studied parallax animation, I studied lighting, I learnt how to create game algorithm, it was a delight using flash which was a mixture of illustrator’s vector capabilities and Photoshop free drawing power. I was recently asked about the backgrounds created for Arbez. The background that look like Raster were created in Photoshop and anything else that looked like vector was first drawn in flash then recreated in Rhino 3d, then transferred to another 3d application then back to flash. Also a note to the wise this was a composition edit in Flash 5. As the years progressed I have earned my animation badge but as I have stated I have sadly become less creative. I am less eager to experiment in the ways that I once did but that will all change it’s time to get back to the roots of being the ninja master.

I also created a boring behind the magic video if you are bored enough to listen to me rant.

At the end of it all both Born fighters and Arbez taught me lessons about myself and pipeline process in creating a product. These are experiences I will never loose, for one I understand that yes one man can create a product from start to finish but sometimes the load for a project can tax your mind, also I learnt to work smart. I proved to myself that I was capable of creating an animation. I also realized that I am very absent minded and will become distracted and bored very easily, hence why I work on smaller projects and once I am finished with a project I never go back except to probably get elements that may work on another animation.

For all that never saw the still Work in Progress Arbez Check it out here.


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