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DAYUM!!-awesome animation- Wrip an’ Vinkle


Once in a while when I pop in on newgrounds I seem to come across these gems and sometime I don’t have the time to achieve all that I see. Either way check out this wonderful short animation which happens to be a part of a series. The colors are well placed the characters are well designed and the overall story seems self-contained, even though it is a conjoining series.


DAYUM!!–It Speaks for Dummies Hovering mouse


There comes a time in out technical support career where we have to say are you really serious mama or sir. Sometimes we loose all hope in humanity due to the lack of common sense.One Blaze Studio was yet again able to partner with Nivek pro Animation to create another short for the ” IT speaks series”. This short is titled IT speaks for Dummies- Hovering Mouse.
The Animation is based on a comic short by the same name created by Kevin Jackson from Nivek Pro Animation the animation is also voiced by Mr Jackson and animated by Nedrick Mclaren from One Blaze Studios.

It can also be found on


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