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There are points in time when watching an animation you say forget style and see the content, this is one such animation. The style was an eh moment but the content was a wait a minute this seems interesting moment. So I saw this animation on newgrounds and though eh whatever let me watch it boy was I ever blown back and if you watch it to the end you are given a taste of the love of beatboxing. There are people out there that are truly talented and really gifted. I don’t want to spoil it for any of you but watch then when you get to the end you will truly appreciate what you took a few minutes to watch.

For your NEWGROUNDS enjoyment check the link below as that was the Original source and how I was introduced to this animation

Then for you Youtube junkies here is their youtube link.


DAYUM!!-Funny Cartoon- Bear And Bunny Boo ❤


Only on Newgrounds do I find these videos I wish I could say more but you simply have to watch it. “If you want to keep these (( :3 )) hahaha sighs.

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