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DAYUM!!– VIDEO GAME HIGH SCHOOL -is back!!!!!!-Season 3**


So Video game high is back with an opening bang and it seems their budget went out the roof. These guys at Rocketjump are simply amazing and you have to give props to these gents for going at what they love with unyielding drive. It’s always a delight to see an indie studio blow bast being simply an indie studio. They have now reached cult stat with their amazing production. Rocket jump as you may know it is a joint venture of several smaller studios who have done amazing youtube projects but realize they work amazingly well together. Getting back to the season 3 launcher episode 1 without ruining too much, there are nods to well respected sports and extreme events as such the series also goes all out with the emphasis that gaming is suppose to be fun and a sort f escape from the norm. We also get a glimpse of what gaming may end up being somewhat in the not so distant future, trust me we are practically there with the V.R simulation not so much star-trek holo deck like. Regardless this episode was very welcoming and pleasing to watch. Also to not be missed was the fact that all episodes of Video Game High school along with season 3 is available for immediate purchase online, via google-play story or apple store on the Rocketjump website link will be below.

Alright enough talk go watch the season 3 episode one 40 min premiere.


DAYUM!!– Frass has done it again!!! League Of Champions(parody)


Wow that’s all I can say for this hilarious short produced by animation ninja Roberto Brown an animator based in Jamaica. I have been observing this animator and he has proven yet again that great collaboration can bring forth great results. As for this animation it seems he was the sole animator but the voices were from his awesome fans. I have to commend the writer who I suspect is Roberto for a most excellent job.

There were other things I wanted to add but after watching this for two more goes I decided what I intended to state is not necessary as Frass as proven himself as a bonafide story teller. His art and animation is improving there are still a few short falls which I will not get into but the strongest selling point is the jokes and delivery from the voice actors and Frass ability to replicate what is being stated visually. Overall a production well executed placed out to the public to enjoy and in this industry the job is to entertain your public however you are able to do so.

Frass has come a long way in a short time. For more on his work do not forget to check out his channel



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