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So 2.1.2019 was a rather interesting day, I was able to visit IGN’s San Francisco’s location, I was made aware of this thanks to Mark Medina of IGN so a big thanks to his post on the event. On the way to the event I also saw Fran Mirabella but I did not want to be that creep that interrupted him while he was on his way to lunch so I simply ignored and kept on walking.

At the meet-up site being outside there were several other individuals lined up, I spoke with only two individuals. Sighs the world of nerds we are so anti-social. Jumping right in we were screened tagged and led upstairs. We were given the tour met several peeps. I took the opportunity to speak to several individuals whose channels I have watched over the years Brian Altano (@agentbizzle) and Destin Legarie. Later at the meeting which was hosted by Mark Medina I was able to ask about their take on Indy game highlights and an example I posted was Hollow knight which got alot of praise by Tom Marks who is also a fan of that game. There were also alot of interesting questions asked by the other attendees and the feedback was wonderful.

This was a great escape and experience for a closing friday, if given the opportunity I would do it again probably way after GDC and E3 as those are probably the hardest time to get a meetup like this.

DAYUM!!! Celestial Raid

Celestial Raid is an interesting name for a game considering that the setting is in space. Well that is the name of this indie Shoot’em up #SHMUP game. I briefly played this game after seeing it on Shaun Spalding’s video featurimg some indie games. I have included the video link below. The reason why this game connected was due to the fact that I was also working on a shoot’em up game.

After my play session, I recalled testers of my own game writing extensive writeups stating my game was hard, I wanted to chop that person in the throat as they have yet to see hard but they did explain why it was difficult. So allow me to jump right in and explain this game. Celestial Raid starts the action not holding any hands, matter of fact you are tossed head first into the mayhem, it’s balls and cats to the wall action. The visuals and sound felt nostalgic, you could see a unique love of old school shoot em up as it echoed a modern take on that genre. For a one person production this was done quite well I have to give the creator praise. The creator goes by the acronym EBWC. The bullet hell mayhem was well done but ‘ohh my god’ the mobile version being the version I tested was difficult. Note the game is a one finger game, glide or swipe to move , the shooting is auto. There were points where there was just too much bullets and I was simply overwhelmed, but I did enjoy it note you only have 3 lives so death is forever knocking. At the end of the day it’s worth playing and enjoying. Great job EBWC. That ends my quick and to the point review.

Give EBWC some love here on their portal, I bought the game as I love supporting indie developer being a developer myself EBWC

Shaun’s video below

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