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Beautiful animated short “KitBull”

Wow so I saw this beautiful animated short called KitBull. It was a masterfully done animated short done by some wonderful animators over at Pixar. Once the animated short started up I could not step away due to a unique 2d animated style and the charm of the short that beemed splendor. I was awe struck by how the world that the cat and dog who are the main cast felt so surreal and alive. The animation used a digital pastel style color palette meshed in with a soft brush texture and the lighting was a nice touch.
The animation of both the cat and dog was also spot on in terms of the playfulness of a kitten and pup who is trying to understand his world. Check out this beautiful short over at Pixar and don’t forget to watch the video about the filmmaker and the behind the scenes. Afterwards check out all of their other shorts and things on their youtube page.

DAYUM!!! 2018 Smash Bros Collab on Newgrounds!!!


So I finally saw the Dec 2018 Smash Bros Collab and this joint was freaking insane. The animators really went in and did an amazing job. There were varying style and liberty taken with some themes with various characters. There were some with jokes which were really over the top. Some were really touching moments and showed that there are some animators who are amazing at their craft and are able to really convey emotion. There were others that were beyond what I expected to see but all in all these were really well done and I was entertained at the almost 50 mins of run time. You will find this to be one of the finest pieces of collaborations out there from the Newgrounds camp. Please support their page and give them love. Newgrounds gave my work love when there was really no place to post by craft way back in the early web video days. Yeah it dropped Dec 26, 2018.

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