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DAYUM!!– Humble Bundle Presents: Dustforce


Just look at this awesomeness, there is a place for 2d styled games even when there are others that think differently.

The world has been corrupted with dust and filth, and it’s up to a handful of acrobatic janitors to win the war on grime. In this frenetic, award-winning platformer by Hitbox Team, sweep your way through over fifty levels of wall rebounding, double jumping endurance runs where finesse matters as much as dust destruction. Vault your brooms even higher as you share and view replays online to compete for the ultimate speed runs, and watch as your dustpan runneth over when you build your own worlds and share them online with the included map editor.

Dustforce was the winner of the $100,000 Grand Prize at Game Developers Conference Online’s third Independent Game Developers Competition in 2010.


DAYUM!!–Lovely Animation by Kari Casady– Nocturne


A short film by Kari Casady called Nocturne. This short echoes Princess Mononoke a studio Ghibli production created my Hayao Miyazaki. Regardless of the likeness this is a great short done in a wonderful style that echos the old Disney and Hanna Barbera days or even the Chuck Jones and Fred Quimby era.

Nocturne from Kari Casady on Vimeo.


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