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DAYUM!!- Dragon Ball Z Stop Motion – Cell’s return 七龍珠動畫-賽魯回歸


I have to say every time I see stuff from these cats, I think damn I need to get up my game up.
For any of you interested in stop motion this is what a bad-ass stop-motion looks like.

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DAYUM !!! Dragonball Absalon Episode 2


This I have to say was actually pretty damn good for being a fan made production.
Starts a bit too slow and gives it a sense of false hope, but the action speeds up and at that point we really get to see the action intensify and the real fan animators show their awesome skills and love for the original content and even takes things to another level by adding their own flair. It does thrown in a few puns from the original series such as the rock paper scissors joke between Gokou and Vegitta in the Majin Buu fights.

Ok here is my likes and dislikes.
Love the music for the intro but during the actual animation the background music seems to overwhelm the dialogue. In some parts the character and animation seems a bit to stiff and not that fluid and a bit jerky, in the reverse there are some interesting fight sequences. The backgrounds and color schemes seem to work well in the terms of animation as it helps to speed up the production. The one things that seems annoying is the voice acting, which like most dubbs it seems to fall short. Beyond all of that the fighting is top notch and a blast to watch.

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