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REAL-TALK- My Musical Addiction.


The most epic moments in my life would be listening to the music cd’s from the DBZ lore age. In my youth besides buying anime in NewYork’s China I also bought the anime music cd’s from most anime I had an interest in before this whole internet boom of music and youtube which changed everything. Going back to 1996 in high school friends and I would take the F or E train to Manhattan then take either the B or D train to Canal Street and score anime tapes and music cd’s. Yes true geeks of our time but it was well worth the travel and investment. While in another language I clearly did not understand I found my love of listening to other languages besides English. It Brought comfort, It sooth my mind it was my new musical addiction. I have always had a love of music, I could pick out pure crap and music that had flavor, if headache came about from listening to your music it was not considered inspirational not that the music is not entertaining but it simple did not work to my comfort zone. BATTLE SPECTACLE MEDLEY – Hironobu Kageyama / Yuka Satou / Shinichi Ishihara is an awesome compilation of some of the best music pieces that were never in the series well except for the last piece which takes you back to when Gohan transforms in Super Saiyan 2. That surge of energy that comes from that song.

Go check it and love this damn song.


DAYUM!!- EPIC BATTLE !!!!!! Goku vs Superman flipbook animation by etoilec1


What the fraggle this dude totally put anything and all things to shame in this amazing flipbook of Goku vs Superman. With sound and all HOLY BAT FRACK.
Another reason to up my skills in 2d animation this dude layed it down like someone stole something. I have not seen such splendor and dedication in a while. I love when fans to some fan service and do it in a splendid way.I do hope he will also create something that is in a way original to his own creation now that he has a userbase that sees and knows his talent.

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