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DAYUM!!– Avatar Korra- Book 3 Finale WOW what a wrap up!


Avatar korra was nothing like the avatar Aang, this was most certainly a grand leap forward in an animated shows taking a show focused around a male lead character to a story focused around a strong female lead. There were many that disapproved of the female lead and claimed a show would never work with a female lead which was proven wrong. To make things worst they moved one of their top shows to a pathetic time slot which then inadvertently pushed it to be an online only program. I personally do not mind the online only method as most program I watch are online via Netflix, Hulu or some other online viewable area.

As I watched avatar Korra I witnessed a huge character development, from a suborn adolescent know it all, who needed no support, to a person who felt she could depend on her friends to even risk life and limb to protect them while doing her cause as an Avatar. One of the great charms of the previous series was it’s jokes and senseless humor. The new show still retains these qualities from predecessor which premiere several years ago with the then leads Aang, Katara, Sokka and Zuko the protagonist. At that time Aang had one goal to defeat the fire lord and to do that he had to master the 4 elements, along the way he had his missteps and so on and learning lesson and had to grow quickly as a child to a warrior. The one thing he had over the current Avatar or past avatars was counseling from his past self, that part is actually very creepy when you think about it. Either way he had that support. On the reverse the current Avatar Korra had to learn quickly after the loss of her counsel of leader ship. The case was more mature with Korra being probably 17 or so I suppose and things being one more direct issues than simply mastering an element. This felt or embodied the feeling of watching the dragonball series and it’s leap to dragonball z with the action intensifying and the death toll looking very much real, or even for this generation naruto to Naruto Shippuden. This was a more flushed out avatar with more serious sub issues, it was not sugar coated for a child audience it was more direct in it’s approach of anarchy and chaos. Now with a more mature cast and theme this series was no long simply a kids show and in a way I see why they(Nick) had to move the timeslot from the children’s block as it simply did not fit their mold or brand. This was truly an emotional avatar series, the finale of book 3 was almost heart breaking to see Korra go through so much pain and then a great defeat.

In conclusion I have to congratulate the team for a job well done. Book 4 is looking to possibly be a great wrap up the team of Avatar Korra has their work cut out for them. Lets hope the conclusion is well met.


DAYUM!!–Awesome Dad- Brazilian Dad Creates Stunning Dragon Ball Fan Anime for His Son


See there is a reason why I will most times respect a Spanish dubb or a French dubb of a show rather than the english dubb, they try to respect the source material. Take for example this video which was obviously a fan vid of dragonball z. The Music used in the fan was straight from the Japanese OST of the series not some cheap BS version of the OST like the American version. Seriously alot of respect for this work of art. That all I will rant on.

The fanmation was done by Brazilian animator Robson Menezea for his son Rasdael’s 9th birthday. Totally a treat as the dad created dbz versions of his son and himself to fend of the treats faced by the warriors of dbz.


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