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DAYUM!!– Ricardo Breceda: Metal & Magic ((DAFUQ))


When I look for art, pardon my language, this is the kind of shit I am talking about, this is beyond amazing this mother fraggle used his God given talent to show the world his passion and dreams. Wow I am totally blown away by this level of physical work. My work is normally of a digital format but this kind of work is something I always wanted to do. The Level of detail and the hours of dedication to his craft, this is a master in his own right. Sifu Ricardo Breceda you are the artist of the day.

For more amazing thing like what you have just watched go to

You can visit his website at

They have so much more for you to watch and enjoy. Totally blown away today.


DAYUM– A most excellent read-Interview of Strike Boogie by


A small taste of an article written on for the full interview/article see the link below.
Strike Boogie a professional art director in the comic & video game industry. Situated in Toronto, his recent credentials include official artwork for Metal Gear Art Studio in 2013, lead by Konami UK division and alongside Yoji Shinkawa. Strike was also assigned as the cover artist of the official Danity Kane comic series, published by Eigomanga and created by superstar singer Dawn Richard of the previous famous groups Danity Kane & Diddy-Dirty Money under Bad Boy Records.

Was there a “spark” moment for you when it came to deciding to creating art?

“Yes, there definitely was! Putting pencil to paper came from the driving force that my cousin Kelvin aspired for to become a comic book artist. His inspiration was Jim Lee, and I therefore had been exposed to the western world of comics at a young age around 9-10 years old. I came to discover Japanese animation when I stumbled upon Sailor Moon and it changed the approach of expressive artistic style just before I hit high school. It was when I entered my senior year that I established visual arts as the main forefront of my artistic abilities.”

For the full interview please see geekwads page thank you.


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