American Skin.. Where do I start? Sadly there may be spoilers going forward. American Skin is a film about a father trying to adjust after the death of his son a year earlier. The film starts with a car being pulled over by the cops and a small interaction incurs between the officers, the driver and his 14-year-old son. Things escalate very quickly and the child was killed by the officer.

The film is done in a documentary fashion as it tries to build up the events leading to that horrible event.The father is met by a young man that wants to document, the aftermath and events leading up to and after the trial of the officer that killed the child. Things take a turn when the officer is acquitted of all charges.

This all leads to the father taking things into his own hands with several military friends. They easily overtook a precinct and take several officers and civilians hostage. The reason for this was to hold a trial which would determine the officer’s innocence or guilt of killing the child. I will leave it at as you will need to watch the film to fill in the holes I have left.

This is a brilliant film and echos the horror of what most people of colour face daily, when it relates to them or their children. I once held that fear for myself and now I hold that fear for my son and what I would do if the justice system failed. From my perspective, it is simply not just a matter of fairness it is a matter of humanity. Enjoy the film, possibly cry but do try to understand the message.