While strolling around youtube I came across an interview with one of the most underrated rapper DMX. This man has been through alot and I regret that his light is so dim these days. While looking for a image to represent this post I certainly did not want to do it with an image that shows how he is today which is a shadow of who he was. The last movie I saw DMX in was cradle to the grave with Jet Li, The role DMX played was certainly the typical thug but with a conscience and a desire to do better and he was the antihero in this film and was seriously hoping he would have progressed further with similar roles as this was his best film role unfortunately. As usual I try to keep my chatter to a minimum and allow you the view to enjoy the medium. Below is an interview you may follow the link back to the actual Youtube vid and give them some support and love. “Hip Hop News Uncensored” 101.1 Wiz F “”