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DAYUM!!!JOE MAD’s Battle Chasers Game set to be Developed OOOHHH SNAP!!!


Joe Mad was one of my all time favorite artist from my era of comics, he was young and fresh and he drew in a style I simply adored. His love of anime and modern European/American comic art created a magical blend that was simply special. Joe joined a crew of artist that simple dropped awesome work, Artist like J. Scott Campbell, Stephen Platt, Jim Lee, Pat Lee and the late Michael Turner just to name a few off my head were quintessential artist that curved the way I perceived comics during my youth. After that point I gravitated to many other talented artist. Staying on topic, simply hearing that Joe’s Studio will be dropping the BattleChasers game along with a possible comic is a sheer delight I simply can’t wait to see this series relaunched and revamped. So far from their web site they seem to be off to a great start and I would love to see where they take this adventure. It will be an awesome ride and all should join this train. In the mean time check out their awesome website below or simply click the image above




This requires a Kanye West track from his late graduation album, the selection is all yours. Cannon Buster has been one of the few creator owned projects I have been watching keenly as to the course which will be navigated in this new world order we have been thrown into. Keeping on subject, Cannon Buster is a wild adventure that meshes the best of some of the ideas we have seen in some past stories from some of the brilliant minds from yonder, referring to Japan. Being one of also a few that picked up the comic on first print several years ago, I have had the opportunity to see how vibrant the world may turn out to be. Please also take note of the amazing talent working on this pilot which hopefully will be selected as a series. First off we have Lesean Thomas the creator/Director/Writer, Joe Madureira(Comic Artist, character designer,all around awesome guy), Thomas Romain(unfortunately I really never knew much about this dude until this kickstarter sorry bro), Peter Chung one of my old time favorite animators(my earlier animation Arbez was compared to his style and Aeon Flux mind you I never saw Aeon Flux until after I was made aware of my style similarities to Aeon Flux) and several other animators from the Korean and Japan animation houses(So far they have only listed Satellite Inc- a Japanese studio).

Allow me to take the time to speak about the creator and shed some light as to why I admire this project. Firstly keeping on a professional level, Mr Thomas has worked as an animator, producer and director on several animation projects brimming from Rugrats,Batman,Boondocks, Black Dynamite, Avatar and the list keeps growing and there are some that I have missed. Besides that he was also a comic artist, he drew some of my favorite titles during his short tenure as a comic artist, namely Ninja Turtles and Arkanium(sadly not many read or heard of this book). On another note I had the rare chance of meeting this dude and I have to say he is a dedicated, passionate artist he goes above and beyond to make sure anything he puts his hands on is prestige, he is basically a nerd artist if there is ever a term. Adding to that he is a very wise fellow and I normally don’t give many that recognition.

There are probably many more questions as to why should you support this project and unfortunately I am not the speaker, simply a backer, so allow me to pass the baton over to the man that can best explain his project to you. Mr Thomas please take the stage and explain your project and why it should be backed. You already know you got my blessing and support just slide the money under the door. All jokes aside this will be an awesome project. Now take a few minutes to check out the kickstarter page after watching the video.


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