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Hold on a minute so we are getting a revamped Broly movie. DUDE my body is ready. Lets get this broly flick out the way and we can always talk when it drops. WOW now wow.

You know I had to first show the trailer in Japanese.

I do have the english version for us english speaking peeps.


I have been hearing things about this series on netflix called Devil-Man Crybaby, I had seen the OVA several moons ago in my youth and recall it being very similar but in that old school art style. Regardless I was now eager to see this new revival and see what the talk was about. Lets just state the hiphop intro by those Japanese rap artist was different and welcoming as was the art style.

Overall I do compare it to Evangelion as this series does dwell in a similar battle between angels, demon, human as well as sexual madness. If you are squirmish or not so into gore this anime is not for you. The action is insane and wild, sometimes a bit too over the top and much like any crazy anime the ending is expected.
As usual check it out on netflix make your own opinions.

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