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Dayum!!! The Orville.. Well Damn

So I finally had time to sit down and watch the series The Orville. The show was well executed and beyond my expectation, I expected a turd of a show and was given more than I was prepared to digest. As I sat watching the first several episodes, I wondered what was my reasoning for avoiding this series for so long. The mixture of the silly jokes and science worked. While the show is a homage and shares some similarities to Star-Trek, the show feels more natural and is the best homage to that series. Orville takes the similarities of the show it emulated, flips the script, then adds in the humor in the right places and leaves you wondering on certain issues that they pursue.

One can forget that this show is pitched as a comedy, then come to find the show to be intelligent and fun and at times is believed to be more of a scifi show with a dash of comedic moments rather than the other way around. I also felt that they handle grim issues such as life and death quite well and in a generally serious manner. I almost forget that the show was created by Seth Macfarlane the creator of Family Guy and American Dad.

To conclude the show was not what I expected, I loved the science, the humor and the humanity that the show embodied. They did a great job and here is to binging the show when it airs season two.

DAYUM!!! Blake Robinson totally radical musician.

‚ÄčI am a classic videogamer by generation and a lover of all things awesome. Here comes Blake Robinson a lover of a similar genre and taste. This amazing creator has rescored some of my classic games with some of the most amazing orchestrated tracks every. I simply have to celebrate when someone does it right. There are other creators out there who I will mention in their own post whom I also found to be quite amazing as well. I have purchased several of Blake’s music as they are amazing. As usual I try to keep my post short and sweet. Check out Blake’s page and listen to all his amazing productions.  Make sure you visit his page and give him some love.

Blake Robinson’s page


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