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DAYUM!!!-Young King-Nerdist

So like any and every other day I come across things that I find interesting much like this parodywhich happens to be a parody of Jaden Smith song Icon, Ahhh what a lovely parody this turned out to be which featured the black panther brought to you by Nerdist.

DAYUM!!! IT has been a minute Patrolling Part III


It has been quite a while since I was able to put some needed work in to this series, unfortunately the series hung on the balance of the other creative head of this space adventure. Alas we were finally able to come to some conclusion as to how it will play out and I was able to animate this episode. Here is hoping there will be more episodes for this series in the mean time other series are in the work from Oneblaze studios and as time permits they will be released to the public. Thank you and have a wonderful 2017.

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