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DAYUM!! The Umbrella Academy

So where do I start with this crazy series that dropped on netflix a few days ago. I never heard of the comic but I will have to check it put when I have time, so let me jump into this. The umbrella Academy is a show about super power children all born on the same day at the time to several women. There is another major detail I am leaving out, actually there will be alot of major details I will refrain from stating that’s for you to watch and be just as surprised as I was.

As I was stating this series is about children with powers that grew up to be super heroes and possibly villains who were raised by a very strange old man, a robot and a talk chimp, yes I said a talking chimp. The series takes us through a puzzle which the main cast are trying to solve and move on with their lives.

As the series depict it is extremely difficult living life with super powers and as normal individual and sometimes those power come with added responsibilities of usage, simply don’t abuse such said powers which we heard time and time again in many power based series and comics. The series has many highs and some lows and some what the hell moments but I felt entirely entertained through out the Ten plus episodes. The conclusion was also a what the hell did I just see and hopefully if and when they return it is with a bang.

Check out this interestingly weird series on netflix as they seem to always have the weird on standby.

DAYUM!! JINROH- Live action

JINROH a film based on the manga and anime film of the same name is a story whose story focuses on two main characters one being a sister to a child bomber who died earlier in the film the other being a soldier whose job is to stop or suppress terrorist. Throughout the film you are led to try and understand the story perspective from both leads who have troubled past. Sadly I don’t want to go too far into this film as I don’t want to ruin it for you. All I can add is that this is a decent film and well worth a watch. It’s not Rambo nor is it Commando, it simply a story about two broken individual living in a really broken environment with choices that have serious consequences.

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