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DAYUM!!–Batman versus The Terminator (short) by Mitchell Hammond


I simply love fan made products, not all of them but sometimes they have the one that make you go, OHHH this is interesting let us see how they do this. I was left wanting more as presented had a build up to something greater. Here is hoping that the creator does more if not well so be it. As usual enough f my talk as this is not a review I am not qualified to review anything I simply give my opinion as mine is a thumbs up now check out this damn short.

DAYUM!!–Birdy the Mighty Decode


This is yet another wonderfully animated show that I heard about but never had the time to watch and I am actually upset I never watched it. It’s well done and so darn funny at times. Reminds me of Project AKO. I have not watched it to completion as of yet but from story and weight of a incident it gives the sense of urgency, I don’t want to spoil the story so when you get the time watch it. Currently it’s available on HULU.

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