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DAYUM!!–Birdy the Mighty Decode


This is yet another wonderfully animated show that I heard about but never had the time to watch and I am actually upset I never watched it. It’s well done and so darn funny at times. Reminds me of Project AKO. I have not watched it to completion as of yet but from story and weight of a incident it gives the sense of urgency, I don’t want to spoil the story so when you get the time watch it. Currently it’s available on HULU.

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DAYUM!!–Deadlines VOL. 4: The Art of Sanford Greene Kickstarter YO!!


Another amazing kickstarter is made available to us by the awesome Artist named Sanford Greene, this is by far another great body of work that should not be missed. The last time he was on the scene on Kickstarter, I believe many like myself never knew about his 1000 project so it did not end in the right favor but this time around with remaining connected to his audience he should be able to hit that goal and further. The next step should be to possible restart the last kickstarter which was regarding the 1000 animated series or short or however you want to put it but here is another chance to do it right.

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