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REALTALK!!-Raising wage for Fast-Food Employees.


Time For All Workers to Stand Up”: Striking Fast-food Employee Urges Popular Movement For Wage Hike

I am going to pause right here… Terrence a man of an age I cannot quite put my finger on worked at Burger King for 8 years. I can’t recall a job I stuck at that payed minimum wage for 8 years. As soon as I could I moved up the ladder to something better or greater I was gone, you don’t remain loyal to places like that. In his case he had children, that he had to take care of much like many in the fast-food industry which are over 18 and that is sad as that is how some of them get stuck. The only place I can say I stayed at which was a decent wage for 6 years was a telecommunication company I like to call the Vision most who know me know what I am referring to. When I started i was making $18/hr and left making $24 and this was a job that on your 2nd day off if you worked payed double time. Fortunately I never worked in a fast food restaurant but I have done retail. My regular job entry’s are the Library while in school, The Disney Store, Home-Depot, Kohls and lastly Office Depot. Working retail drilled into my head that there was no way in hell I am willing to stay this low, always aim higher. After a series of unfortunate events I moved out of New York to another State which if you know me you know where that is. At this point I had to take on minor gigs and event return to a world I had not done for 8 years. Either way I did it for 5 months until I was able to get my ass back in gear to up my game so to speak. Now I am in another decent field earning a substantial living and prepping for another leap. Is it still possible to stumble, yes it is definitely possible but I am trying my best to not stumble and setting a trajectory which may garner a great reward but guess what it requires hard work which I am still doing. So here is my answer to the wage hike should it be done.. NO. People become complaisant, like I did when I worked at the telecommunication job for 6 years and was not so motivated to leave because of fear of not finding something better. Now back to why I am against it, low wages will motivate people to greater things Fast-food jobs are not meant to be an 8 year career it a turn style, neither is retail and unfortunately if you are stuck in that rut you are not trying hard enough or simply your time has not come. I know it may sound cold but sometimes that is how it has to be and a lot of people like to hear the Disney cookie cut fairy ending and unfortunately the world is not like that and everything is gained from blood, sweat and tears of someone. When you are ready to make the leap especially in this day and age you can as there are many ways to do this and make a decent living. I was not born in this country but I sure as hell grew up in it and know if you aim for higher you will get there, it will be tough and you have to know a few people as it’s not only what you know but who. Networking is the key to survival in this day and age.

REALTALK!!–When does spanking get classified as Abuse.


This idea of spanking a child or punishing a child is older than most people think. The line that we are threading is the notion of is spanking considered abuse. Unfortunately this is beyond just the notion of abuse or not, it also goes to the level of justified or not. I lived in a house hold where spanking is ok and well there are times I agree with it and I don’t. There are also points where I have seen spanking get out of hand into serious abuse and I had been on the receiving end but heck I survived with not battle scars physically but there was a mental scar which ensure I know don’t do that particular bullshit again.

Taken from a post on this same topic
“If a child honestly feels their parent is truly abusive then something like this would make them report their parents. But when you know you got loving parents who go above and beyond for you and you embarrassed them… You accept that ass beating and never do it again. The state isn’t gonna take care of these kids the way a real parent will. You won’t get game systems, name brand clothes, sneakers and everything you beg your parent for from the state. So for all the kids who wanna be grown before their time think the state got your back… Go ahead and find out!!! These streets is real and the world don’t love you!!”

Lets go back to religious points like say the Bible as I am not that familiar with the stories from other religious artifacts. Adam and Eve children of god and they were punished for simply eating the fruit. Lot’s wife for turning around to look back at the past she left behind, King Solomon and should I go on I suppose not as the bible is laden with these or such stories. My point is some actions are justified there are simply some parents who take it too far and much like bad cops or bad people in general don’t give a damn and made punishing your child with a beating so evil. I may base my take on this matter because I was raised in that way and maybe if I was raised without being beaten I would have a different outtake on the matter who knows. Guess I was not that privileged.

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