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DAYUM!!–Dee-1 – Jay, 50, and Weezy [OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO]


Speaking from the heart I love the delivery from this artist Dee-1, he did not beg the artist to simply give there money to the people but to help educate the masses coming up and that right there is a well directed message. Black people as a whole are simply stifling themselves by not waking up that the real game changes are themselves and no other. Here we have a talented artist sprouting messages like when Kanye-spoke about Diamonds are for-ever, Luda, Dmx, Outcast,dr dre and snoop spoke about their real life on the street and the countless other well spoken artist who seemingly became bigger assholes as the fame compacted on their shoulders and lost their way. Just look at this list of songs from Kanye an artist I felt had some seriously wonderful tracks but seems to be slipping – Jesus Walks- Runaway- Black Skinhead- Stronger – New Slaves- Diamonds From Sierra Leone- All Falls Down- Can’t Tell Me Nothing- Power- Gold Digger-Monster-Hell of a life-Devil in A New Dress-Gorgeous-Power-So Appalled. There are many like him out there that have great words but the media won’t play them but like Dee-1 states they can’t stop me I can drop this whenever and however I want because I am not signed. Either way back on subject this article is about this young artist Dee-1, peep his music and hear him out.

Shit just real, I seriously love it when artist come with a passionate tale and lyrics and most times I hope that they keep to their desire and drive.
This young artist that I recently came across thanks to bookfacing-yes I sad bookfacing and not facebook, grace my ears and eyes. He is yet again another artist I may enjoy. I am hoping he never looses that vigor. Many greats had that vigor and simply fell to the power and greed of money something we sometimes all do.

Most importantly do not forget to check out his website we have to help support each other


REALTALK- Fela Kuti Live in Berlin – Berliner Jazztage 1978


I have heard his music many time but I never once thought until today let me look him up and boy was I blown away, how could I have gone through my life and not have know this great man
such a waste. Fela Kuti was a great musician, Nigerian multi-instrumentalist, composer, pioneer of the Afrobeat music genre, human rights activist, and political maverick.

Everyday I question my purpose on this planet why was I given this opportunity to exist. Why have I survived so many times when I should have surely died. I have always wanted to give back to say thank you for the advent of life the rare chance I had of having a life. My life much life all life is precious and sometimes we seem to forget how precious that life happens to be. We go about our lives not knowing that this very being of understanding others and the world that we exist within. This segment is very emotional and close to my heart as it deals with a positive social movement of black people the African people who I am a distant relative of with my strained mixed heritage. Here we have music that is still apparent and powerful but yet we don’t hear it much these days as it’s diluted and blocked from main stream media. Then again when you think about it, is it being blocked or are we simply not looking for it. Here in the states people are content with listening to today’s garbage music from people whose names I need not list, then again I will list a few such as lil wayne, Kanye, JayZ and countless artist who are capable of changing what we hear but are content with contributing to garbage. Nothing inspiration or uplifting and yet we wonder why we are not respected as a people, we don’t even respect ourselves. I am though proud that I am making all attempt with a few proud to change that very image it will be a gradual change but a change none the less. The Patrolling series is part of that quest, stay tuned while we reveal more episodes.


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