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REAL-TALK!!-Watch 15 Magically Awkward Seconds Roll By While A Man Panics After Accidentally Insulting America


Simply brilliant, sometimes we don’t look outside the red tape. In this little vlog they take liberty with talking about where we stand with health care and why we are heading down hill. Is that so.

REALTALK!!–Richard Turere: My invention that made peace with lions


Richard Turere is a young inventor from the Masai community in southern Kenya. Take note this boy does not have much access to the current technology we squander but he is able to take the little that he has and create useful things that hell both his community and the natural habit that exist outside the community.
This young man reminds me of myself back in a time when I was more adventurous and will to take chances and try things a time when I was a tinkerer. I sure do miss those times it’s not a matter of being to late or that I am incapable of being a tinkerer, I have simply moved on to different things. Watch this amazing TedXTalk hope it brings a smile to your day.

[ted id=1699]

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