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HMMM!!! Confusing Being Educated With Being Intelligent


So anyway I was watching MrMadness Sotomayor this guy is beyond insane, he has no reign on his mouth. I almost spat up blood listening to this dude wow man. I know he says he is speaking the truth, yeah what ever but DAYUM!! This guy has some anger in his heart. I don’t have that much anger in my heart. Either way he speaks his mind and that is why I listen to him to see his point and weight my own opinion. Is he over the top, oh hell yeah he is over the top. He is like my other youtuber modernwarnegro, that young man is deadly with his words.

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Best Short film– ASAD

Looks very interesting, I always have an affinity to indy films that give a portrayal of real life in a setting that is all so true. Not these bullshit reality shows. If any of you have the chance check out this short movie. One day I would love the opportunity to film a movie in my home country.
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