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DAYUM!!–IT speaks for Dummies


So I had to wrap up an animation before Christmas dropped this is not a christmas animation darn it. Just something
a friend and I worked on. A segment titled IT speaks for Dummies. Check it out.

It can also now be found on newgrounds Yeah

DAYUM!!–Patrolling game Delta-Beta-whatever.


Yeah so I am working on a game based on my animation patrolling which hopefully will be a cool game. I have been doing my research on many mecha animes and games and there are a few that I saw and well was impressed with. It’s a tough gambit but we will see, plus this is simply a prototype. Hopefully I am able to make a sensible prototype which will eventually go on to be a decent game if not well to the drawing board or scrap yard. I won’t dwell to long on this project as there are many other things in the works but just giving you a glimpse on what is on the horizon at current.

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