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DAYUM!!–Birdy the Mighty Decode


This is yet another wonderfully animated show that I heard about but never had the time to watch and I am actually upset I never watched it. It’s well done and so darn funny at times. Reminds me of Project AKO. I have not watched it to completion as of yet but from story and weight of a incident it gives the sense of urgency, I don’t want to spoil the story so when you get the time watch it. Currently it’s available on HULU.

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Dayum!!– Holy Fraggle rock KILL LA KILL


Kill La Kill (キルラキル) is an upcoming original television anime series produced by Trigger. The series will premiere this October 2013.

This is one of the craziest anime this year that I have had the opportunity to see, reminds me of Toppa GUrren Lagan by Gainax. This anime is so wild and crazy it will simply throw your mind through a loop. Wonderfully directed and a blast to watch. This is another anime on my to watch list this year. It should be available on crunchy roll.

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