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DAYUM!!– Dragons Forever– One of the most badass fights


In Dragons Forever you get to see Jackie, Sammo, Biao Yuen, Benny’the jet’ and Yuen Wah face off in series of wonderfully choreographed fight and stunt sequences. The brutally of these fight can only be matched with the films that try to top it with their levels of insanity. I have seen many fights and stunts through out my life of watching movies but this among many is memorable as each actor has moved on to do their own thing and in their time and even today are some of the best martial artist hands down.

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DAYUM!!–THE RAID 2: BERANDAL! Get Your First Taste


From under ground Film creator Gareth Evans comes yet another power house ass kicking flick that increases the action and insanity folds beyond the last as seen from the trailer. His previous flick that I had the liberty of watching were Merantau and The Raid Redemption which has recurring actors Iko Uwais , Yayan Ruhian and Donny Alamsyah who are also in the third film The Raid 2. In terms of sheer craziness this movie has it and much more. The action is intense none stop and simply a brutal ride. I have to place this director and his team as one of the mos creative action directing team out there of this generation. This happens to be the third steps up the creativity ten folds and I can’t wait to see what this movie will bring in terms of that context. Enough reading my once in a while journals watch the amazing trailer and check out the other amazing flicks coming from the eastern hemisphere.

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