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DAYUM!!–Ninja Action 4 – SHIT JUST GOT REAL!!


Ниндзя в деле 4: Тушёнка из котиков l Ninja Action 4

From Animator and director Alexey (dex) Yurevich comes his 4 installment of his animation master piece Ninja action 4. Shit just got real.
There are some animators out there that use flash that prove time and time again that it’s not the program/tools but the artist. Much like a car its not simply the car but the driver that makes this vehicle performs like a champ! This is beyond a doubt a most ambitious project by one of the hardest working animators out there from Mother Russia. The team that brings you ninja action 4 is simply amazing. This series has everything so far ofcourse ninja, nazi’s, zombies, robots, mechs, battle suits. Holy fraggle rock what’s next aliens damn I just don’t know.

As a fellow animator that uses flash I am just so juiced and can’t sit by and watch this just running by. Alexey thank you for a job well done you have officially blown my mind.

Here are the staff, yes I took the time to look at the credits Actually I will put it below the selection so choose your poison.

Alexey (dex) Yurevich

Alexey (dex) Yurevich
Cmitry Balashnikov

Alexander (Frost) Khlopkov

3D animation
Valentine Romanovsky

The Sapphire
Anton Toxic Mix Krasavin

Voice Acting
Ninja-Tsokto Zhigmytov
Doc- Vitali Walter
Boss- Norman Otto

Nazi Soldiers
Sebastian Coche
Norman Otto

DAYUM!!–Street Fighter: Assassin’s Fist


AHHHH SHITZ!! now this is what we are talking about Street Fighters Live action series. From what they have shown this series looks as thought it may be interesting but we will see how it goes. Hopefully it may get enough show time and the audience will appreciate the work and effort.It very tough for content of this nature as audience seem to gravitate more to funny and ridiculous material. Here is throwing my cash their way to give them my blessing.

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