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DAYUM!!–Street Fighter web series is here – Alpha – Street Fighter Assassin’s Fist Episode 0


That mother fraggle has dropped and it’s time to catch on this beast of a series. Without further bull please go check it out and drop your feed back as to what you think they did right or wrong about this series. I believe much like the Mortal Kombat’s web series and the Halo web series this is a must watch.

SPOILER!!!!!!!!!!!!!! if u have not watch the series stop here

Wow so I watched this series and I was totally pleased the way it turned out. Key and Ryu seemed to fit the image I had in my head, both donning their Street Fighter Alpha look-Ken with his pony tale and ryu with his I am not here look. Overall the presentation was playful, had many entertainment values for fans of the game.You are presented with the move sets, the combos and even throws. Without a doubt entirely better than the street Fighter live action film with Van dam. This was as close to the source material as possible. We even saw Akuma do his Raging demon whaaaaaattttt! There is little more you can ask for. Watching Goken’s Transformation into Akuma was awesome, while the death of the master was a bit sad but expected he did put up a fight but ultimately Goken was the victor. With that said I stop my spoiler message. Enjoy this series as much as I did.

DAYUM!!–White Ranger vs. Scorpion – Super Power Beat Down



Missed this wonderful short from last year but just in case you missed it like I did then you have a treat to watch.

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