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DAYUM!!– Friends till the end (short film)


Have you ever had that friend who had nothing to loose, so what do you do to a friend like that… oh there is a simple answer for that which this short answers.
I won’t spoil it for you simply check it out and while you are at it follow the link back to the their Company page
As usual enough of my talk watch this short.

These two friends must say goodbye to each other, but before Joe departments he has some final words for his friend Brian……..

Director: Robin Chin
Editor: Robin Chin
Camera: Robin Chin
Writer: Marlon Walker
SFX: Kevin Jackson

ADR: Enhanced Realizm Studios

Jo: Jean Paul Levy
Brian: Marlon “Rome” Walker

REAL TALK!!- Jamaica and it Economic issues.


Back in 2012 after almost a 20 year exist from my mother land of Jamaica, I went back for a time away from everything. Alot of things changed but alot remained the same, I did not get the chance to do everything that I planned but I was able to see and explore places I had not seen in a while. This adventure came with both appraisal and disappointments. This talk is more about my biggest disappointments being Jamaica’s 50th anniversary celebration. Can you believe not one of the products that I wanted to purchase was created in Jamaica, not one. So out of protest I bought nothing. Hats, shirts etc all of them said made in India or Pakistan, WTF when did Jamaica become India. It was actually pretty damn sad as that meant not one creative soul was probably invited to the table to create a product. I did go out of my way to search the markets for things but the real merchandise I wanted did not have a made in Jamaica stamp, at least fake it damn it. Right then and there I thought we have to have things made here in Jamaica again made by Jamaicans. We don’t even make thing in Jamaica to be exported to other countries. That says alot about the economy.

I went to Westmoreland the parish of my birth and I saw vast unused land that I thought wow, if these people are smart they cultivate these unused spaces and start exporting more products. Unfortunately the people that lived there did not own much of the land and the one that did were probably not even Jamaicans. Mind you my family owns some real estate but seeing that I am not the direct root I cannot do or say anything but I will get to that at a later date. I spoke to my uncle about the rail road and well the answer was an unexpected answer they don’t see much use or reason for it to be revitalized. I looked at him dumb founded. They don’t see what, are these people on a waste land or something or did I just drop in Jamaica 50 + years ago. What the hell do you mean they don’t see much use for a train service. If this shit was active it would help commute and lessen the traffic but no they see it as a negative thing. Or simply the powers that be are trying to keep a veil over the people field of vision. Living here in the Crazy Land called American and also living in California I can tell you having train service helps. All they need is two layers of tracks that’s all they need two not 20 but 2 side by side that would allow transportation to and from destination A, B and C.
So getting back to the vast amount of land and unused space, Jamaica is a small island but that does not excuse the reality of it’s scale and open land to be used. Yes Jamaica is prone to droughts, hurricane and the whole nine yards but are you going to excuse that from building up the country further.
The country has a madhouse of creative, funny and down right hungry population of people that want work and are willing to work but if you have nothing the people can do or simply not providing them with a way and mean to do work why even bother. I know individuals that will leave the country for months at end to go to Canada to do work either at Hotels, or Farms or where ever to obtain some form of funds to survive in the country. Either the government does not care or they simply don’t know what to do. Here is my answer, they do know what to do but the level of corruption is so great they just don’t want to be bothered and rather like the idea of lining their pockets. A change must come and it has to come soon as the country has been brain drained and typically looked at as a tourist resort get away.

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