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DAYUM!!–Dog Cat Frenzy 3 Finale


This was a great wrap up to a 3 part animation by Andre McLean, it had all the fan throw back to Dragon ball Z, which you can see heavily influenced the animation. I was rather pleased with the finale, the amount of work he placed into this production shows, down to the smallest detail. Note this was a one man production and there were a few area where it showed his limitation not as an animator but due to the work load. The animator surely knew how to set up focus shots, the edits, layout and draftsmanship of this production was top notch. Things felt well placed and segment were used appropriately. Being an animator myself I can state the animator used his strengths to the max to ensure the production would be accepted by dbz fans. One other spice was the music which was mostly the Japanese Soundtracks. My hats goes off to the man for that icing. As usual enough of my talk go watch this awesome animation.


REAL-TALK!!-End of the Line? Memories of the Jamaican Railway


From the words of film maker David P. Mullings

This was a documentary by David P Mullings regarding the train service in Jamaica which was abruptly stopped sadly after I migrated to the United States.
Please watch and understand the weight of the situation and loss of not having this service in a country trying to fix its development status. This production was documented via his Iphone. For more on this film maker see his youtube page.

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