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DAYUM!! Gordon Bellamy-Gaming for Everyone at GDC 2017-XBOX Sponsored event

So earlier this year at GDC like most years the B.I.G(Blacks in Gaming) which caters to minorities not just Black individuals but does have a large number of black individuals hosted a talk with Gordon Bellamy one of many influential that has done numerous things in the gaming avenue and beyond. The event was a mixer where Gordon was speaking about where he has been and so on. This was a very informative mixer which reminded me about the Gerald Lawson’s mixer from 2011. Unfortunately there is not a full recording of his mixer which was also very interesting or if there is I am unsure who has it.

Xbox Gaming for Everyone at the 2017 Game Developer’s Conference Blacks in Gaming Event – Fireside Chat with Gordon Bellamy.

DAYUM!! The Story of Blacks vs Social Media-Jay Z Story of O.J. Remake

I simply don’t have much to say for this post beside check it out and enjoy. WOW is all I can say about this last vid. It was simply that stellar.

Jay Z Story of O.J. Remake. The Story of Blacks vs Social Media

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