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DAYUM!! How to make a Flash Cartoon!


For any of you interested in seeing how a flash animation is made this would be for you. Unlike myself this individual has the great vocal chops
to properly explain in detail what it is to animate a character. Not stating that I do not have the ability but not everyone has that pleasant radio/tv
voice. Getting back on point check out his videos he has several sets and they go into length as to how he does his work.

Also as a side note he does great animation and they are hilarious for example the link below


Check out the user’s page

A breath of Fresh Air- 97-Year-Old Man Creates Beautiful Artwork in MS Paint


The Pixel Painter from The Pixel Painter on Vimeo.

So I was feeling out of the weather today not known up or down and then I saw this video. In life time we think about alot of things and our mortality is one of them and the age old question when is the end. This old timer who was a typographer and at the time of the video was 97 and used MS paint to constructs his visual representation of the world he exist in. Void of anything but time he sits and works at his digital painting. This made my day and I hope it does for you too.

Check out the user’s page

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