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DAYUM!!- Reporting again on MEGARAN – An EPIC NINJA!!!


This ninja right here reminds me of my brother as I know my brother has the ultimate potential to be the best there is. Code name MEGARAN is a epic star in his own right, that brings back the nostalgia of my youth with the old 8 and 16 bit game music. He uses these tunes to craft some of the most interesting beats which he cocoons with his well crafted compositions. If for some reason you have not seen or heard about this dude which I probably mentioned some time ago, he is highly recommended as a must listen. Check out his website You will not regret it.

DAYUM!!– MegaRan is here Gents and Gals.


MegaRan a fortunate devil may I add was able to leap on a passing star and make a name for himself by following his heart and passion. On the rare chance that you are able to follow your dream and turn that dream into a reality that can sustain your livelihood I doubt there is anything more impressive beside creating life . Here we have a musician taking that step into the world of making positive music and I highlight positive music because we are dealing with rap music. Why I specifically highlight positive and rap, as we know it many are associating rap with a negative imagery and not seeing the positive impact or even noticing any positive rap music to be quite frank. Just a slight detour into the dark before we journey into the heart of this article. There are many musicians, who I will not mention names who happen to be rappers who have a cache of wonderful uplifting music but what they rap about will never get played, it seems the world only wants to hear and see negative, downgrading and derogatory content. Content that seems to lack any purpose but to shine a negative desire with no intention of uplifting the masses. Here we stand with one of those rare individuals that stands his ground and make magic.

MegaRan is a positive rapper and he makes musical magic. The musician took his love of the megaman game of the early 8 bit days, sampled the level music and simply made some crafty rap songs. Please note this is sometimes met with severe results from the companies that own the license to the music or any other said copyright. Fortunately for this man his music was not negative and brought positive light to the game and as you can image was almost free marketing for the Capcom title. Lets also note Megaman does not need to be marketed as we all know about the blue bomber. MegaRan was fortunate to strike a deal with Capcom that allowed him usage of their music library and which helped to propel him where he is today. Which is a much better place than most of us today. At the end of the day sometimes you may not reach your dream or goal in the way or time that you want but with some key persistence you may make it and in the rare chance that you decide to do it with a positive light note there are people out there waiting and gunning that you make. In the end this man took that love and kept it as a love and not hate and thus kept it positive.

For more on MegaRan and his music check out his page and simply give him your likes if for the rare chance you enjoy his music.

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