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DAYUM!!-Hentai Kamen[Underwear Mask]-Deadly funny


Having been on this planet a good number of years I thought I have seen it all and apparently I have not. Hentai Kamen is yet another of those obscure things I have yet to have witnessed until today and am totally baffled it took so long to take note of this gag flick HK: Forbidden Super Hero for more this you can check out it’s IMDB page or Wikipedia which details the manga which the show was based. Have to give it to Japanese to do the honors. Anyway enough talk check it out and laugh out loud.

DAYUM!!–Super Smash Bro Wii U Nintendo Direct!!


A word from a player of video games who is not a Nintendo fan boy had to get that out there. Wow Nintendo Direct of 10-23-2014 was actually entertaining. The one thing I can clearly say about Nintendo is they try to have fun, they are very protective of their I.P and when it gets down to it they really want to love their consumers. It shows in the passion and time they will invest into making a memorable product. It’s not everyday you see a company who is a holds so much power to say the least handle their products this well. Mind you most of their products are first party games or simply directly funded or backed by Nintendo through completion. Sighs again I go off subject this discussion should be about the Nintendo direct.
Before I go in on this game, I have to say the announcer for this Nintendo Direct was awesome.**Proceed** From what I saw on the Nintendo Direct the Smash Bro for the Wii U has an overwhelming amount of features, hopefully not too much. I understand they are trying to handle all corners and practically have something for everyone not leaving any potential gamer behind who grew up with Smash Bros but seemly never got into it much like yours truly. Lucky for you I will not go over what you are about to watch simply watch it and enjoy the 30 plus minutes of Nintendo awesomeness.

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