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DAYUM!!–Super Smash Bro Wii U Nintendo Direct!!


A word from a player of video games who is not a Nintendo fan boy had to get that out there. Wow Nintendo Direct of 10-23-2014 was actually entertaining. The one thing I can clearly say about Nintendo is they try to have fun, they are very protective of their I.P and when it gets down to it they really want to love their consumers. It shows in the passion and time they will invest into making a memorable product. It’s not everyday you see a company who is a holds so much power to say the least handle their products this well. Mind you most of their products are first party games or simply directly funded or backed by Nintendo through completion. Sighs again I go off subject this discussion should be about the Nintendo direct.
Before I go in on this game, I have to say the announcer for this Nintendo Direct was awesome.**Proceed** From what I saw on the Nintendo Direct the Smash Bro for the Wii U has an overwhelming amount of features, hopefully not too much. I understand they are trying to handle all corners and practically have something for everyone not leaving any potential gamer behind who grew up with Smash Bros but seemly never got into it much like yours truly. Lucky for you I will not go over what you are about to watch simply watch it and enjoy the 30 plus minutes of Nintendo awesomeness.

DAYUM!!-RETRO return-Warning Forever! Boss Rush


Warning forever is a game designed by Hikoza T Ohkubo under his company name Hikware and released in july of 2003 for the pc. When you think back to 2003 that is 11 years ago. I can’t even fathom that 11 years have passed since the release of this game. Where is my hover board and flying cars, we are so behind the times. I know I go a tangent here and there but just think about it look at where we are currently. Time is moving faster than we are able to really understand or justify. Continuing with this discussion, this is a blast from the past a game I never had the joy or time to sit and play. From observation and test play it’s an awesome game there is really little to dislike and I feel a game like this would be awesome for mobile if it could be properly implemented. There are several games with similar feel such as Geometry wars and battleship forever which improved or created their own veins of game play but warning forever is the first with this feeling of intensity and the final battle moment from the start.
Going back to Hikoza T Ohkubo the designer of this epic game I have been searching the web for more awesome games but he seems to have fell off the map. IGN has a list of some of his games but I expected to see a vast array but alas it is quite pale to what I expected to see.

The list is below.

Cyclops PC
It’s a Quiz! PC-98
Ray-Hound PC
Shooters Soltude — System 3 PC-98
Shooters Soltude — System 4 PC
The Masatsukun PC
Warning Forever PC

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