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DAYUM!!- Transfatty Lives


Several months ago one of my mentors Patrick Sean O Brien from my earlier days of my career released his Autobiography about his life after being diagnosed with ALS from its beginning stages to his current status. It’s a Jarring film but totally expected from Patrick who is a film maker through and through. I have been meaning to write this forward several times but have always been side tracked by work and my own life.

Patrick from the days, when I was fortunate to have worked with him was a total insanely creative film maker pushing all sorts of ideas and methods, he did many things which I thought to be WTF’s but he was always on point with what the audience at the time deemed edgy and also the producers who were willing to green light such said project. Aside from that he was not afraid to do films based on whatever the subject matter. I recall him explaining the three breasted DJ skit which I was commissioned to create the interactive website which would coincide with his DVD reel of something he called the Body of Transfatty another master plan which he explains in his feature.

The film is a wonderful adventure which I recommend to people who may have difficulty understanding the effects of ALS. Currently the video is available on multiple VOD site such as netflix, google play and probably apple-tv.

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DAYUM!!- Hateful Eight – WOW


What a great 2016 kick off, Quentin Tarantino delivered on what I love about his movies. Most critics seem to grade a movie based on some arbitrary basis and miss the point, then again people are entitled to their opinions. There will be “NO Spoilers” here simply watch the movie. What I can note about this film is the set up to the climax which was quite entertaining and surprising. With all the cards layered question everything and pay attention to everything as this will give clues to what will play out. It’s not a hard to digest film, it’s entertaining and the dialogue plays out like real life I suspect that is what makes this film believable up until it opens up. That’s as much as I will say without spoiling the film. Watch it in a theater if you get a chance, if not a large screen tv.

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