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DAYUM!!–NEW WORLD -Korean Crime Drama-simply badass


Korean movie- New World. This was actually a great mix of crime boss drama, action suspense and a bit of thrill reason being you never know what can happen in a Korean film and that is seriously speaking as even the star can die a horrific death. The major difference between a Western films well lets just say Hollywood staple movies as indie films don’t have limitations is the most certainly predictable story where the hero will win blah blah blah, in a eastern film or mostly films that are not from the us or are possibly independent films the hero mostly likely can die.

So here is the run down for this film which was totally awesome.
A conflicted undercover cop is ordered by his possibly corrupt boss to help influence the election if a new leader of Korea’s largest crime syndicate. Simple story this is simply another great gangster film where you don’t mess with the mob. When you are in you are in there is no backing out.

DAYUM!!–THE RAID 2 ‘Berandal’ Trailer # 2 [International Trailer]


What a Happy Frelling New Year this will be. The Official trailer for THE RAID 2 ‘Berandal’ Trailer # 2 [International Trailer] dropped and I am oozing blood. This flick looks like it will be amazing, more story based than the last which is not a bad thing. If you have not seen the first flick you may want to see it, but I do believe that this flick can stand on its own but do yourself a favor and watch the first. In a nutshell the first about a swat member whose brother was apart of a violent gang who the swat group were attempting to take down. Lets just say it did not turn out so well. If you saw the last Judge Dredd put the movie on a extreme level martial arts madness and that would be “The Raid Redemption” in a nutshell.

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