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DAYUM!! Patrolling-SpaceShooter-Game

So for the last few months,my studio being OneBlazeStudioinc which is mainly myself has been working on a game that ties in with the animated short series with a similar name which is called Patrolling. The short animated series is about a space patrol and his team who were alerted to a distress beacon. Upon coming on this distress beacon the team was ambushed and from there mayhem ensures. The game takes a different path but follows along the idea that you are a space patrol whose job is to patrol the space zones and serve and protect the civilians who traverse these space ways. At this current time we simply have a demo/beta game play. Several beta software have been provided to several individual for play test and feedback before the final polish is place on the game and it is release to the public until them check out the game play video leading up to the release some time this year.

The first video show cases the game with no music track but the second shows a new Ui and game music.
have fun.

Here you can listen to the music created by one of my colleagues from another life. George DiCataldo. He has worked on the music for my first game Born-Fighters as well.

DAYUM!! Heartbeast Studios #Lecturer “Benjamin Anderson” #heartbeast #uheartbeast

A wonderful lecturer and game designer. Benjamin Anderson pulled me in with his level of knowledge and simply understanding his audience along with vocal projection. He was concise and spoke in the tone which I found to be quite calm and relaxing, there were points where he had a monotone level but trust me I was too awed by the notion this guy was explaining something I wanted to understand in regards to Game Maker Studio. If you are interested in learning game maker studio, which is a wonderful game development tool check out this guy hey has a payed tier or you can check out his youtube videos which are free. If you feel to read my write up further read on. The below was actually written first but it was more me just blabbering on and I felt that should not be what you read first about the Benjamin for more of his work visit the links below. Have fun doing what you do.

Benjamin, where should I start with this talented game developer, gamedesigner, artist and lecturer. Lets start with a thank you. I thank this young man as I venture back into my game development world as without his lecturers on game maker studio I would be quite lost. He made understanding game maker studio quite fun and easier to grasp. How I came across his lectures was via which a friend Kevin(action)Jackson mentioned I should try as they have alot of great courses for cheap. I then saw Ben’s class on Game Maker and it was history at that point. Trying to keep this short so I can get into talking more about Benjamin, I loved the idea of Game Maker Studio but I hated the plug and play way of coding, fortunately Benjamin shared that approach and he wrote in GML Game maker language which was pretty simply my flow. I normally call myself a parttime programmer as I do more technical art related things and well lets not get into that. So back to Benjamin, he is a sure fire talent and is good at his job. My most recent game is based on one of his lessons as I was trying to make a game to work with my animation and here comes a lecture that talked about the very game I wanted to make.


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