Teknoman / Tekkaman Blade Intro Redux 02

OHHHHHH MY GOOOOOOOODDDD someone did a remix of one of my favorite anime of the 90’s DAAAAMMMNNNNN. I loved this anime when I was but a mere lad. DAMN YOU HAVE NO CLUE HOW THIS SHIT WAS THE BOMB. As you may have guessed I was excited to hear a nostalgic remix. This is one dubbed anime I actually preferred over the Japanese which sadly happens to be less than ten. For this particular anime They found the right voice actors and the music simply kicked ass. For anyone who gets the chance look for the anime. Naturally when I like an anime I will actually purchase the box set if not well you know the rest .. On the other note the Dragonball z Dubb was horrid, sorry but I rather prefer the voice and music of the Japanese version more energy and emotion. Just ranting. TTTTEEEEKKKNNNOOO PPPOOOOWWEEERRRR BBBLLLLAAASSTTTEEERRRR DDDDAAMMMMNNN.. JJJIIZZZZZ!!!
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GALAXY RANGERS – No Guts No Glory – Best and longest version of the song ( with lyrics ).

A throw back to the days of youth.. Oh Galaxy Rangers I miss thee. I loved this cartoon so much as a youth growing up. I can actually remember my dad telling me teens don’t watch cartoon, go read a book. Now looking back I am actually really pissed I was not allowed to watch this as today I am an animator doing what creating cartoon damn it. As you have probably guessed I am upset but that will pass like gas hahaha.
Either way as I was stating this was a great cartoon at the time, it is a bit weak by today’s standard but alot stronger in depth than many cartoons on the air today. If you have the chance check it out.
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