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So lets jump into it. Boom Tag X is a comic, an animated series and also a game being created by the very stylish Artist/Animator Shawna Mills aka Lazymills. Currently, Lazy mills and her team have a kickstarter to hell them get a sizzle pilot out to possibly get the series funded, check out her work and if possible support this project. I have supported 16 kickstarter projects thus far one of them was her book project and she delivered on that book. On another note by no means is Ms Mills a lazy artist even though her online tag is LAzymills she has shown some amazing skill with the pen and has proven herself numerous times with her output and dedication to the craft. She has worked for numerous studios loaning her amazing visual finesse. Like a hawk I have observed her skill blossom into something beyond amazing her body of work is so consistent and being a fellow artist I have to always give her a shout out when I see her working on her own creator-owned merchandise.
So if you can give her project a look and some love.


Beautiful animated short “KitBull”

Wow so I saw this beautiful animated short called KitBull. It was a masterfully done animated short done by some wonderful animators over at Pixar. Once the animated short started up I could not step away due to a unique 2d animated style and the charm of the short that beemed splendor. I was awe struck by how the world that the cat and dog who are the main cast felt so surreal and alive. The animation used a digital pastel style color palette meshed in with a soft brush texture and the lighting was a nice touch.
The animation of both the cat and dog was also spot on in terms of the playfulness of a kitten and pup who is trying to understand his world. Check out this beautiful short over at Pixar and don’t forget to watch the video about the filmmaker and the behind the scenes. Afterwards check out all of their other shorts and things on their youtube page.

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