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DAYUM!!–No Sex Please, We’re Japanese (BBC Documentary)


So I recently watched a documentary on one of my choose spots of places to visit one day and I was actually saddened by the documentary as it reflected on a few key things that is unfortunately global in scale good and bad. The topic is not of a rated matter it is more of an economic issue that will be pandemic to Japan and other similar countries. There are some point where I feel the interviewer is a bit naive in her thinking and notion but then there are points where you wonder about the cultural pitfalls of japan and it’s standards. Overall this was a rather interesting documentary which highlighted several things besides the title no sex.

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DAYUM!!- 18 DAYS – Ep1: The Tale of the Four Ages


I saw this yesterday and, said hmm not bad, then watched it through again and though again hmm not bad indeed.
If you happen to have time to read then you may not have watched this animation twice. This is simply a wonderful retelling of an age old story.

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