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DAYUM!!–Musa the warrior A most badass Korean Flick.


This was one of the most badass Korean Flick I saw back in 2001, just saw it again on netflix and it still holds up today. As I always state the korean film market
is rich with wonderful flick which seem so alive and passionate of course there are a few lame ass movies too but the multitude of awesomeness is hard to doubt. They had a badass archer that I can say topped RobinHood or the elf from Lords or the ring in terms of severe coolness. They had broadswords, damn can you bean broadswords straight out of Monster Hunter HELLS NOO!!
Beyond that the flick was rather straight forward, I won’t add any spoilers besides the point that the heroes are trying to protect a princess and ofcourse the shit hits the fan and all hell breaks loose. Now go watch it on netflix or something damn it.

Now go find and watch the damn Film!

DAYUM!!– A Company Man – Korean action/drama


I recently saw a korean movie on Netflix called Company Man, this movie was in no way indie. Regardless this movie much like most of the korean flicks I tend to see was quite grim. For some strange reason I love seeing these movies as they poses a sense of reality while keeping you entertained. A friend of mine from a previous life stated he disliked korean movies as they were too grim and preferred western flicks. I have watched movies from different cultural setting to understand the way other industries handle certain themes and I have to clearly say Korean flicks for the most part handle action dramas extremely well, it’s simply there thing hands down. This flick if you choose to watch it is no walk in the park and all I can say is wow.

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