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DAYUM!!– Ricardo Breceda: Metal & Magic ((DAFUQ))


When I look for art, pardon my language, this is the kind of shit I am talking about, this is beyond amazing this mother fraggle used his God given talent to show the world his passion and dreams. Wow I am totally blown away by this level of physical work. My work is normally of a digital format but this kind of work is something I always wanted to do. The Level of detail and the hours of dedication to his craft, this is a master in his own right. Sifu Ricardo Breceda you are the artist of the day.

For more amazing thing like what you have just watched go to

You can visit his website at

They have so much more for you to watch and enjoy. Totally blown away today.

DAYUM!!– Featured Artist Kamaal Manboard


I have been following this talented Creator his name is Kamaal Manboard and he is a native of Jamaica located in West Indies. I simply cannot call him just an artist this man is a Creator a visionary, an idea man the one stop shop. Kamaal’s work is a reflection of night and day. Having watched some of his projects from plan to completion is a delight and he has proven he has what it takes to move things forward in the right direction creatively speaking. Mind you there are other talent artist in Jamaica which I have featured and they all have their own flair, currently we are talking about Kamaal’s line of work. Here I present one of his latest creation’s which is a canvas paint not a digital painting where you have levels and undos but a real painting. Enough of my talk check out his work and then afterwards check out his body of work on his page. Do not be mistaken this man does more than just paint, he is an architect, a designer a sculptor, he works in 2d and 3d mediums, you name it he may have done it. Just a note his company’s name is I.D.E.AS. Intelligent Design Evolution Associates.


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